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Royal Baby Name was Revealed


Charlotte Elisabeth Diana


By choosing Diana as a middle name, the Duke ensured his mother’s memory will live on in the next generation of the Royal family, making his daughter a living tribute to the mother he lost when he was just 15.

Elisabeth is obviusly te name of her grandmother, Her Majesty the Queen Elisabeth II.

Charlotte stands for his father Charles but there was also a previous Princess Charlotte....

Who was Princess Charlotte?

 Princess Charlotte Augusta of Wales(7 January 1796 – 6 November 1817) was the only child of George, Prince of Wales (later to become King George IV) and Caroline of Brunswick. Had she outlived both her grandfather King George III and her father, she would have become Queen of the United Kingdom, but she died following childbirth at the age of 21.Charlotte's parents disliked each other from before their arranged marriage and soon separated. The Prince of Wales left most of Charlotte's care to governesses and servants, but only allowed her limited contact with the Princess of Wales, who eventually left the country. As Charlotte grew to adulthood, her father pressured her to marry William, Hereditary Prince of Orange (later King of the Netherlands), but after initially accepting him, Charlotte soon broke off the intended match. This resulted in an extended contest of wills between her and her father, and finally the Prince of Wales permitted her to marry Prince Leopold of Saxe-Coburg-Saalfeld (later King of the Belgians). After a year and a half of happy marriage, Charlotte died after giving birth to a stillborn son.Charlotte's death set off tremendous mourning among the British, who had seen her as a sign of hope and a contrast both to her unpopular father and to her grandfather, whom they deemed mad. As she had been King George III's only legitimate grandchild, there was considerable pressure on the King's unmarried sons to find wives. King George III's fourth son, Edward, Duke of Kent, fathered the eventual heir, Victoria, who was born 18 months after Charlotte's death.


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By Lena Sanders


As soon as I arrived in Earl Palazzi Trivelli Palace, I started looking around and a XVI Century charming statue seems to stare at me from the large marble stairs, but while I'm getting closer to admire the beautiful Renaissance architecture, actress Isabelle Adriani comes down in a pearl pink dress, with a little fresh flower in the hair, no make-up yet, she looks stunning and simple, all the rest almost disappears.


After a few seconds all the shooting crew arrives, photographer Adriano Cecchetto comes from Rome, makeup artist Roberto Turriciano just arrived at the palace with his staff, DOP Davide Manca and Director Luciano Fontana are exploring the palace to find the perfect corner to shoot Isabelle.


It will be a long shooting-day, but I already know I won’t be bored…


The palace stands in the center of beautiful town of Reggio Emilia where Isabelle’s fiancée 37th year old entrepreneur and Producer Count Vittorio Palazzi Trivelli, lives with his old, important family since ever…they are nominated by Dante in his Divine Comedy and have an incredible family history, which began more that 2000 years ago.


In LA, they say that Isabelle is nice and easy, but you can’t really realize how much she is, until you meet her.


She immediately puts you at ease as she smiles and explains with great charm, all about the XV Century frescos and arches.


All the crew is setting up for shooting, after all greetings, we finally find a small living room with a red sofa at the third floor of the palace to have sometime for my interview to our beautiful First Cover Girl.


She offers me chocolate and some typical Italian red wine and I start with my questions, followed by her reassuring smile:


My question comes natural…


L: You never have bad moments?


I: Many! More than the good ones maybe, but in every bad moment, I think…ok, this too shall pass, I ‘ll go further and I’ll succeed somehow, this crazy belief made me surviving to too many despites.


L:What’s the worst thing you had to face?


I: The loss of my grandparents struck me deeply, my grandmother was a myth to me, she is still the most beautiful and elegant woman I’ve ever seen, and my grandfather was my mentor, but I believe they live in us, children and nephews now. Recently I lost my mother in law and It's been terrible.


L: What’s the best thing that ever happened to you? She laughs again, but now a special light sparkles in her eyes.


I: Meeting my fiancee I guess...


L: Oh yes of course…love!


I: Not only love (she surprises me) he taught me a method and my life changed completely :)


L: what do you mean?


I: I was a disaster, too many ideas, a Vulcan of chaotic talents incapable to put things in the right order as he defines me Hahaha, he practically raised me as a child to teach me how to find priorities and never to loose things again, I used to loose, umbrellas, glasses, purses,..make-up staff every day, I was un-standable I think, but he was patient…


L: Well..., he is in love and you’re considered one of the sexiest actresses…


I: Oh please! should have seen me in my early age, full of freckles, shy, small, with glasses and braces! I never even thought I could possibly be an actress I was so shy to walk close to the walls… my parents ought me to follow acting classes to win over my shyness!


L: Hard to believe!


I: I promise!


L: but now, You worked in more than 30 movies all around the world, you live between Italy and California, just finished shooting 'Christ The lord' with Sean Bean, have a green card, published 10 books of fairytales, are becoming part of one of the most important and oldest European noble families and have just been chosen to be the cover girl of The Princess Magazine Us, do you eventually also sleep or eat?


I: Hahah of course I do, and I keep huge attention to health cause I learned the hard way, I must keep my energies to travel and to work so hard. But it'n always been like that... I used to always have cold and fever, and to be tired almost every day, until I found out that I was badly intolerant to milk and eggs... I spent three months in the hospital and since then, I learned that our body is a huge gift and we have to take care of it!


L: That's why you look so stunning?


I: Hahaha no! Well that's make up! Btw I wish to tell you a secret...


L: I'm all yours! ( I aswer, while unconsciously examining her face noticing  that she wears no Make up at All!)


I: Secret is to find the right balance between food and sport, time to work and time to rest, balance is the real secret...


L: what about private life and public life?


I: Balance is the secret for love and work too, if you don't find the right equilibrium, you'll never find happiness.


L: is this your receipt for a happy life?


I: yes! And I advice it to my best friends!


L: do you find time for friends?


I: hard question... Not as much as I would! But I Hope I will in the future. Problem is I'm an hyperactive and can't stop inventing new projects and trying to learn something new,


L:  that's what smart people do!


I: well that's what crazy nerd do! but this often keeps me away from family and friends... ( a sad look passes through her beautiful face, but it's just a moment)


L: now it's my turn to make her at ease: it seems to worth it though!


I: Hahaha


Her laugh is contagious


A voice comes from the second floor


'Isabelle we're ready!'




L: time to go cover girl!


I: yes! You won't believe it, but pics still make me nervous! My shyness is still a huge component in my life... You know... As an actress I love playing role, but it's also a loss of responsibility cause I'm always someone else... But pics... Don't know... They seem to take a little piece of your soul each time and you have to be yourself somehow...


I'm sorry Lena, I have to go...


L: no worries, you've been so... So..


Can't even finish the phrase that Isabelle is taken by make up staff and only in that moment I realize that I still have hundred questions I wish to ask, but when you meet Isabelle Adriani, forget your Priorities, she'll distract you with her smile, her kindness, her Beauty, all I know now is that she is perfect to be the First Cover Girl of The Princess Magazine UK!



During the shooting for our cover, Isabelle (always in love with fairy tales) played with us as in Cinderella




Isabelle Adriani for 'The Princess Magazine'


Photographer Adriano Cecchetto,


Make-up artist Roberto Turriciano,


Location: Duke D'Este Palace









People say he knows what he wants and knows what's best for his people regarding inside Politics and regarding Europe.


David William Donald Cameron (born 9 October 1966) is a British politician who has served as the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom since 2010 and as the Member of Parliament (MP) for Witney since 2001. He has been Leader of the Conservative Party since 2005, After 10 years, here we go again...but now it's over. Teresa May on the go...

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Descrizione: PRINCE AND MODEL.jpgThe couple have announced that they are getting married in the summer of 2015.


Prince Carl Philip, Duke of Värmland (Carl Philip Edmund Bertil; born 13 May 1979), is the only son and the second of three children of King Carl XVI Gustafand Queen Silvia of Sweden. As of 2014, Prince Carl Philip is third in the line of succession, after his older sister, Crown Princess Victoria, and his niece and goddaughter Princess Estelle.


The Bride:


Sofia Kristina Hellqvist (born 6 December 1984) is a former Swedish erotic glamour model and reality television contestant. She is the fiancée of Prince Carl Philip, Duke of Värmland.


As a glamour model, Hellqvist won the men magazine Slitz's, Miss Slitz competition in 2004 and was then was cast by TV4 and participated in the reality television show Paradise Hotel in 2005.


Controversial: Ms Hellqvist has posed for men's magazines and was a finalist in a racy reality TV programme


Hellqvist has been in a relationship with Prince Carl Philip since 2010.


After the initial confirmation of their relationship, it was reported that the Swedish monarchy was "on the defensive", due to Hellqvist's history as a semi-nude erotic model and reality television contestant.


In April 2011, the couple moved in together at a private estate in Djurgården, Sweden.


'After His Majesty The King of Sweden had given his consent to the marriage between Prince Carl Philip and Miss Sofia Hellqvist, His Majesty requested the approval by the Swedish Government, in accordance with the procedures set out in the Swedish Constitution.'


Wedding: The couple are expected to marry next summer, when Ms Hellqvist became Princess Sofia


Descrizione: 9.jpgCasella di testo: All you missed...The Met Gala, formally called the Costume Institute Gala and also known as the Met Ball, is an annual fundraising gala for the benefit of the Metropolitan Museum of Art's Costume Institute in New York City. It marks the grand opening of the Costume Institute's annual fashion exhibit. THE MET GALA....RED CARPET...Descrizione:




Who's best Style?




Prince Henry of Wales (Henry Charles Albert David (born 15 September 1984), known as Prince Harry, is the younger son of Charles, Prince of Wales, and Diana, Princess of Wales. His paternal grandparents are Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh. At the time of his birth, he was third in the line of succession to succeed his grandmother; he is currently fifth in line after the birth of his niece Princess Charlotte of Cambridgein 2015...




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she left catwalks...yes.


But she'll always be in our heart!











Descrizione: giuseppe basini.jpgFor our first number we're happy to host one of the most interesting physicist of the world, Giuseppe Basini. Together with prof. Salvatore Capozziello, he just presented a shocking theory on time machine: the 'Open Quantum Relativity'




-Dr Basini, what is your theory about?




It belongs to the so called post relativistic theories, wich means that, even not contraddicting the General Relativity, we move far from the Einstein starting point, up to a more general theory, which is able to include the possibility to conceive travels in time.




-How did you get the idea?




Looking at on old work : the Einstein, Podolsky, Rosen, (EPR) paradox (1935), that showed that the Quantum Mechanics can lead to a particular situation in wich a particle can influence an other one instantaneusly, no matter how far the second one is, despite the fact that even the light speed can not be infinite. This seems clearly impossibile, but nevertheless Quantum Mechanics works well, so it is not wrong. What to do ? My answer was to renounce to the common sense to save the logic, so admitting that the local time flux can have a time reversal, making the phenomenon (called Entanglement) possible.




-How could we travel through time?




The fact that the local time flux can get a time reversal, may have macroscopic effect, allowing the conception of a Time Machine, even if very hard to imagine. In order to try to overcome this problem, with a naive but perhaps useful example, let us think in terms of a classical film, made with a succession of images on a plastic support. Now it is evident that if we run the film in the contrary sens, we obtain that the "future", in the projection of the movie story, is in fact the Past. Which means, if you want, that the “local” time of the film, can be independent of the “global” time of the observer. The essential point, of this situation, is based on a very important characteristic: the persistence of the images on the plastic support. So the "Past", in the close system of a movie film, is not destroyed. In some sense it is what happens in Open Quantum Relativity (OQR) where the CTC (Closed Time-like Curve) allow to repeat the past, because Time is going again on the same foot. In this picture, the operation to play the film in the opposite sense, is the equivalent of a change of topology with related inversion of Time Arrow.




It is a pictorial point of view in some sense representing the operation to going back to the past, considered as an instantaneous non linear operation (happening when the Nature is forced to change the Topology) followed by a "normal" linear evolution from the past to the future, but starting from the new initial point. Anyway the crucial point is the "persistence" of the Past, wich is not disappearing (like a photogram in a movie) how we are instead traditionally used to think, but it persists and can be changed (creating a new parallel universe) like if we cut or add photograms in the film creating a new one, before to see it again. It is a rough example, but we estimate that even if rough, it is good to introduce the discussion. At the end only the dinamical physical laws and the mathematical formalism are the real ground of the OQR, but this attempt to help to imagin what we are going to expect in the frame of the new approach (even if necessarily inaccurate and largely incorrect) is an useful attempt, because it would be otherweise to difficult to have an idea of what is so far of our human experience.




-Could we ever built a real time machine? if so how would it be?


It is very difficult, today, conceive and design technically a time machine, nevertheless the principles on wich such a machine should be based on OQR, are established : it is necessary find in nature, or recreate, a situation for wich a conservation rule is going to be violated in an otherwise unavoidable way, because only in this case the Nature “reacts” changing the topology and breaking the spacetime. The time machine would be an human made device able to perform a violation or a vessel able to reach a natural violating object like a black Hole? No answer, but a violation is necessary.




-When could the time machine be built if possible?




Let me answer with another question. How much time it takes find technical solutions, one time that ideas are correctly settled ? Just as an example we can take the Einstein formulation (1905) of the mass-energy equation (special relativity) and the Fermi first atomic reactor (1942) , so 37 years, necessary to “invent” completely new tecnical devices. Today we can not be shure even if there exists technologies able to do that. But, just to tell you my guess, i should tell more than one and less than two generations.


-Could you predict a future scenario?


Not really, but I hope that, if in the Future people will realize such a machine, they will come back in Time to take and transport me, to stay alive again in the new era.




Thank you very much Dr Basini! It's been really a pleasure, we'll certainly see


each other again, in this or in another dimension ...




Victor V. Drake




Open Quantum Relativity




The OQR is an Extended Theory of Gravity where also quantum aspects of gravitational interaction are taken into account. The studies, coming from an original proposal to solve the Einstein Podolsky Rosen paradox in quantum mechanics, brought Doctor Basini, research director at National Institute for Nuclear Physics and former guest professor at CERN (European Center for Nuclear Research) and professor Capozziello of Naples University Federico II and president of Gravitation Society (SIGRAV) to a complete re-definition of the entaglement phenomenon, thanks to a consideration of a double time arrow, based on a dynamics completely defined, in its mathematical formalism, in a 5-dimensional spacetime. The new approach is completely general and allows to solve several open problems also in astrophysics and cosmology, like the dynamics of Black Holes and Gamma Ray Bursts. Those studies brought to a very significant series of papers on several referred international scientific journals. The approach finally led to the formulation of a new theory the so-called “Open Quantum Relativity” that allows to formulate a self-consistent dynamical scheme to unify Quantum Mechanics and General Relativity, one of the major problem of the contemporary physics. The main point of such a theory is the extension and the recovery of the concept of causality. Such a result opens the way (thanks to the conception of two time arrows, endowed into dynamics, one directed towards the Future and one towards the Past) to new and potentially radical developments of the theoretical hypothesis of Time Travels. The Open Quantum Relativity is capable of explaining and reproducing several scientific problems and new experimental observations, from calculation of cosmological parameters up to the teleportation. The results have been presented in a significant series of invited papers by the Italian (SIF), European (EPS) and American Physical Society (APS) and the presentation in several international scientific congresses .








The unforgettable, still perfect and unique...






The Princess Magazine




Director: Victor Vega Drake, 55, was born in Hungaria but left when he was three years old and spent his youth between South of France and Germany, then moved to the United States where he lives with three dogs, 


Philanthropist, Entrepreneur, World Traveler he is the founder of The Princess Magazine




Lena Sanders, 43, journalist


Descrizione: 22.jpg


Born in Kohl, Germany, lives in Milan,


passionate about Books and Movies




Sara Wood, 25, Journalist,


Descrizione: 23.jpg


Born in Ramsgate, UK,


passionate about celebrities and Royal families


Elena Marzi 31, journalist,


Descrizione: 24.jpg


Born in Rome, lives in Milan,


passionate about Fashion, Make-Up and Style


Adriano Cecchetto, Photographer


Descrizione: adriano cecchetto.jpeg




Roberto Turriciano, Make-up artist


Descrizione: roberto turriciano.jpg




Cristina Pizzoferrato Stylist and Look Maker


Descrizione: img_TPM:25.jpg


Lorena Davoli, Hairdresser


Descrizione: 27_s.jpg






In the next number...


A rising star ..., follow us to guess who she is...




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